Our Family

Our family as of January 2013, has changed. We no longer have the babies or Rollo. I have kept the videos to share with you for enjoyment. We have Molly and Flake our two does and will soon be getting another buck. We have a flock of hens and Petey the rooster. We also have two horses, Lacey and Scout.



Please meet Joy as she greeted us on February 18, 2012

Joy’s parents are Flake and Rollo.

We are addicted. Here is an update of more additions to our family. Echo and Sonic. Two bucks born on 3/11/2012 to Molly and Rollo.

Echo and Sonic 1 day old

Here is a short little video of them playing on day 2

Echo and Sonic are two weeks old.

Echo and Sonic


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